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Silicone Rubber Heaters offer a very high watt density while maintaining flexibility. Good for heating drums, de-icing vending machines, atms, aircraft, cars, and maintaining a comfortable temperature in medical equipment, such as CAT scanners.


  • Marathon Heater flexible heaters provide outstanding performance in applications up to 450°F.

  • Design versatility permits special heat profiles,complex shapes and installation on a variety of surfaces.

  • They are not affected by vibration, flexing, or repeated mechanical shock.

  • Silicone rubber has a high dielectric strength, is non-toxic, and flame retardant.

  • Perfect for heating 55 gallon drums.

Silicone Rubber Heater on Drum
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Standard Specifications

Voltage 12v to 480v, AC or DC
Length 1" to 120"
Width 1" to 36"
Thickness 0.056" standard, other thicknesses available
Lead Wire 22 ga. Teflon, (other types available)
Operating Temperature -70° to 450°F
Wattage Tolerance +5%, -10%




Please visit the pages below to learn about the many options available. There are normally no engineering or set up fees for even the most complex designs. Many of these options can be added to stock heaters for immediate delivery.


  • Unusual Shapes -One of the advantages of silicone rubber heaters are the variety of shapes in which they can be manufactured.

  • Terminations - Silicone rubber heaters can be manufactured with various types of lead wires and other terminations.

  • Temperature Control - Temperatures can be controlled using thermostats or thermocouples.

  • Drum heaters - Silicone rubber heaters are ideal for heating liquid containers. Marathon stocks heaters for 55 gallon drums and 5 gallon pails.

  • Enclosure Heaters - Another good application for silicone rubber is freeze protection of electrical enclosures. There are several sizes in stock and custom sizes are available.

  • Insulated Heaters - Silicone rubber sponge insulation is available in several thicknesses to keep heat on the part, not the surroundings.

Mounting Options:

  • Flat Surfaces - Mounting on a flat surface involves one of several bonding methods.

  • Cylinders - Mounting normally requires a fastening option.


Standard Specifications